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Don’t Panic! Having twins is not all doom and gloom..

This website was created in 2003 by me, Sarah Cooper. When I was having my twin girls way back in 1998 I read as many articles and books as I could on having twins. Sadly the vast majority of them were full of doom and gloom. They told me that having twins was going to be hard, complicated, risky, tiring and jolly hard work. The more I read the more depressed I felt. No one ever said that actually having twins can be fun, enjoyable even. No one said that you could (given the right circumstances) have a ‘normal’ delivery. I approached my due date feeling apprehensive and anxious, unsure what to expect (apart from a cesarean). I happily ignored most of what had been said in my antenatal classes because as a twin mum there was no way that I could be having a ‘normal’ delivery was there? That’s what I thought anyway. You can imagine the expression of horror on my face when the consultant told me that I could attempt a normal delivery. I’d stuck my fingers in my ears and had a smug smile on my face for the entire time they’d been discussing breathing techniques (or ‘huffing and puffing’ as I like to call it) and now they were going to get them out by the usual exit. Oops.

I had my twins and found that contrary to the doomy and gloomy articles it was actually good fun. Ok I grant you going from having no children to two children in 21 minutes is a little bit..alarming but I coped. I got into routines, watched what they were doing and followed their lead (apart from one dreadful week when they were four months old and I found a book with timings in it and decided to do what it says ‘in the book’ which involved me setting my alarm for 6am and having to wake them up. Yes you heard me right, in a moment of mummy madness I actually set my alarm and woke my twins up. Fortunately common sense (and a good earful from their dad) kicked in and the following week we went back to our normal routine of getting up when they woke up and working around their natural patterns.

By the time they were 9 months old I was enjoying myself so much that I got pregnant again. There was some concern for a while that no.3 might in fact be no.’s three and four but no he was a singleton. So I ended up with three children under the age of two. We went through 75 nappies a week at that point. When their dad brought me a bunch of flowers he asked me where to put them. Fortunately I was in a good mood that day (or I would have told him exactly ‘where to put them’) so I suggested that he put them somewhere that I would see them. When I went to change the baby I found the flowers parked up on the changing mat. I suppose yes that’s exactly where I was spending most of my time at that point.

Once the twins were at nursery school I started to get a bit bored (!)  and I realized that one of my friends had created a website and I was intrigued by the idea of having my own corner of the web. This seemed to happen around the same time as one of the mums from nursery was asking questions like ‘how do you breastfeed twins?’ ‘how do you do *this* with twins?’ By this stage I’d figured out how to survive a twin pregnancy, given birth (to twins and then no.3) I’d worked out that twins come in all kinds of varieties, I’d breastfed, bottle fed, weaned and potty trained twins, figured out that they needed some kind of sense of personal identity and still shuddered at the memory of all these articles prophesying doom and gloom to all twin parents so it was a fairly logical progression to write about twins and how to cope with them, hoping that I could help even just one other mum/dad feel like they weren’t going this twin journey alone. So Twinsonline was ‘born’.


Twinsonline have written a range of articles on various twin related topics for you to read on areas such as how to breastfeed twins, how to potty train them, how to cope with teenage twins and also a section for Adult twins.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at sarah@twinsonline.org.uk 

Share your experiences:

We’d love to hear about your experiences of being a twin parent or carer or being a twin yourself please email me at sarah@twinsonline.org.uk 

Media Requests.

Sometimes we get asked by journalists and tv production companies for help finding twins to appear either in magazines, tv shows, films and documentaries. If you would like to get involved keep an eye on the Facebook and Twitter feeds as I usually put them on there. If you are a journalist or a tv production company (etc etc) and you would like to have help finding twins for your show/ programme/magazine article etc please email media@twinsonline.org.uk  It would be a huge help if you put in with your email a short piece about your show/article etc that I could simply copy and paste directly onto the Twinsonline Facebook and Twitter pages please. (If you would prefer not to have this posted on social media please state clearly in your email. I will assume that it’s ok to post on social media unless directed otherwise.)

Twin Research Requests

We also have regular openings for people to get involved with twin research. There are further details about the work of the Twin Research Unit based in London on the Twin Research Requests Page. If you are a researcher wishing to get in touch with twins as part of your research please email sarah@twinsonline.org.uk again with a short piece which can be copied and pasted onto the Twinsonline Facebook and Twitter pages. If you would prefer it if I didn’t post it to social media that’s fine please state this clearly in your email.

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