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Here you will find answers to many of your twin related questions, from what to expect when you’re pregnant with twins, to  how to cope with your adult twin.

There are also answers to Frequently Asked Questions like ‘What are twins?’, ‘What options do I have for having my twins?’ Can I breastfeed twins?

We are often asked for twins for media requests by journalists, documentary makers and film makers, so if you are interested in being in a magazine article, photo shoot, documentary, or film please keep checking the Facebook page and the Twin Media Requests Page of this website.

If you are a twin yourself, or have twin children you might be interested in taking part in Twin Research you can find out more information about it on the Twin Research Page.


Twinsonline has been running since 2003 and is run by a mum of teenage twins.



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  1. I have a twin mother whom I have offered to volunteer in helping. This is her first pregnancy and baby(babies). She wants to feed them by expressing milk to feed in the day and to use formula in the evening/ night. She is very anxious lady. Can you advise me in order to support her better? My background is nursing and am a new maternity nurse.

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