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First night home with twins

Coming Home with Newborn Twins

Your first night at home with newborn twins.


Finally you’re home with your twins. It can seem a little bit strange at first without the hustle and bustle of the hospital environment. If you have some help to hand encourage them to put dinner on and keep you well stocked with (non-alcoholic *sorry*) drinks and snacks to keep your strength up. If you’ve had a c-section or have any stitches you might find you need some help with lifting the babies. Don’t hesitate to ask your family to help you with anything that you find difficult like lifting etc.

Keep calm ~ it’s only twins

Try to have as quiet an evening as possible ~ ask any excited visitors to come a different day. Have dinner (hopefully someone else will have made this for you) and then start with the twins night time routine. They will need a calm environment so make sure you have your voice as low as possible, and keep other noise to a minimum.  But don’t tippy-toe about either or you’re likely to end up having to watch Eastenders with the sound off and subtitles on for the next 5 years. Don’t do it. Just don’t make more noise than strictly necessary. (Though that said my twins’ dad used to saw up logs with a chain saw under their window on a regular basis and they slept through it, somehow)

Things you need to do before they go to bed

In simple terms your babies will need to have a bath if they need one, a new nappy, a bedtime bottle, a burp and then bed. It’s up to you which order you do things in. You might find that your twins need a new nappy before you feed them, or they might decide to ‘go’ the minute they’ve finished their feed. Work round them and do whatever suits their/your needs best. (Sometimes you find that one twin does one thing and the other something else entirely. In this instance just follow their lead and give them what they need at the time)

Feeding time (again)

You will probably find that you’re up at least a couple of times in the night, babies need to be fed every 2-4 hours round the clock. They need this because their tummies are very small and if they get left for too long between feeds they may get too tired to feed properly. If you find that one baby wakes up and the other one stays asleep you have two options. If you know how to feed them together then wake them both up and feed them together. If you don’t know how to feed them together then feed the one that’s awake then after you’ve finished feed the other one. Otherwise you’re likely to get to bed and just as your head hits the pillow the other one is bound to wake up demanding a feed.


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