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preparing for twins

Things to do before the birth of twins.

• Pack your hospital bag by about 32 weeks

• Put the number of the labour suite in your phone or write it down an put it near your land line telephone so you can access it quickly if necessary

• Find the number of your local taxi company and put it in your phone. Even if you’re hoping to go to hospital by car, it is handy to have a taxi number to hand just in case!

• Put some loose change into a separate purse ready for the vending machine, the taxi etc. Put this in or on top of the hospital bag.

• Plan who is going to look after your older children, feed your cat, walk the dog and water your house plants whilst you are in hospital.

• Prepare a list of who you want your partner to call when the babies are born. Make sure he has the numbers to hand.

• Set up the baby equipment you have bought.

• Write your birth plan detailing whether you want no pain relief, pain relief on demand, all the pain relief available! Also detail what you want to happen after the birth do you want the babies handing straight to you if possible, do you want them washing before you have them brought to you. Do you want Dad to cut the umbilical cords if possible.

• Stock up the freezer with easy to prepare meals for the first week or two when you get back with your babies.

• Set up online banking, and learn how to order groceries online!

• Create direct debits for your utility bills (if you haven’t already done so!)

• Plan where you’re going to feed your babies both during the day and at night time and set up comfortable ‘feeding’ zones so you have everything to hand exactly where you want to feed them!

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