Toddler Proofing your home!

‘We’ve toddler-proofed our home but they’re still getting in!’ (anon)

The first thing you should consider when your babies start toddling (which may be from as early as around 9 months!) is how to keep them safe. You can buy special baby safety equipment from good D.I.Y. stores, Baby supply stores, and off the internet.

Move anything that is within easy reach of your toddlers. This includes your:
•Dvd / BluRay collection,
•Cleaning products,
•Medicines including vitamin tablets and other supplements
•Loose food ingredients such as flour, cereals, sugar, rice, pasta etc.
•Washing powder and fabric conditioner
•Toilet rolls.
•Toiletries etc.
•Pens and crayons should also be put well out of reach as the more creative of twins can make wonderful works of art all over the walls, floor and furniture!
•Make sure you and any of your guests put handbags out of reach especially if they contain painkillers, or any easy to swallow items.
•Move nail varnish, nail varnish remover and make up right out of the way too.
•Buy plug socket covers so they can’t amuse themselves sticking forks and fingers into the plug sockets.
•A lock for cupboards can be very useful too.
•Buy baby gates for over the top and bottom of the stairs. Cook on the back rings if at all possible or buy a play pen to put them in whilst you’re cooking or  buy a baby gate for the kitchen door, so that they can’t try to pull things off the rings or burn themselves on a hot ring.
•Always put cups with hot drinks well out of reach (bear in mind that roving toddlers tend to try to pull themselves up on coffee tables too).
•It is possible to buy protectors for furniture so little ones can’t fall and bang their heads on things like tables etc too.
•Any furniture that is very tall should be strapped to the wall so if the twins try to pull themselves up on it they don’t pull the furniture on top of them.
•If you have a yale lock for your door, make sure you have a key somewhere accessible in case you get locked out!
•Buy window locks so that they can’t fall out of open windows.
•Buy fire guards to put round any open fires or wood burning stoves in winter

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  • claire du preez

    July 3, 2015

    You cannot babyproof too much with twin toddlers. They tend to work together alot. My 2 managed to get over playpen we were using as a fence by using a ride on toy.


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