Top Tips for Coping with Newborn Twins

•Newborn Twins need feeding approximately every 2-4 hours round the
clock for the first few weeks.
•If they’re still asleep after 4 hours, wake them up and give them a feed! This stops them getting too tired to feed. Once they get a bit older you can stop doing this and let them sleep through.
•Newborns may sleep for up to 16 hours throughout the day.
•Nappy changing can be done before a feed, after a feed or in the middle of a feed if they’ve fallen asleep before having enough milk.
•Feeding them together saves time, but can take a bit of practice. It is handy to be able to feed them together but it’s also nice to be able to cuddle up to each of them and give them a feed on their own sometimes too.
•For information on Breastfeeding Twins click here. 
•Bottle Feeding. Latest thought is that you should make up bottles as you go along rather than making a batch and popping them in the fridge to reheat later as mums traditionally have done.
•Here is what the NHS say about making formula.
•It is possible to bottle feed your twins together, use pillows to support them. Experiment with positions until you find one that works for you or put them in their bouncy chairs and sit between them, holding their bottles. Never leave a baby unattended with bottles.

•‘As a new parent you will be bombarded with so much information and advice. The best advice has to be ‘ Listen to all the advice and then hand-pick the bits that make the most sense to you, and discard the rest’ At the end of the day you are the parent, you know what is best for your child. It is essential that you learn to read your child. Remember that every child is different and what works for one baby might not work for another one, even with twins!’ ~ © Sarah. Founder of Twinsonline

•Any Questions? If you have any questions regarding Breast or Bottle Feeding, or Coping with Newborn Twins please either email or ask a question on the Facebook Page. If you wish to do so anonymously please send a PM (inbox) on Facebook.

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