Twin Media Requests

Twin Media Requests


If you are a twin, or have twins and are  interested in appearing in a magazine article, a film, photo shoot, documentary etc please regularly check out this page and the Twinsonline Facebook Page.We often have journalists, film production companies, photographers and documentary makers wanting to find twins, triplets and more for their magazine, film, tv show, photo shoot or documentary.
If you see something on this page that interests you please use the email address or telephone number on the listing and contact them directly. Normally they want to see a good photograph of you and your twin (or your twins if you are a twin parent) so having one to hand is a bonus.
If you have a media request please email me a short piece that is suitable to be copied and pasted directly onto the website, stating clearly who you’re looking for (what age/gender/ identical or open to all twins?)Unless I hear to the contrary I will take it that it is ok to post it to Facebook and or Twitter. If you don’t want this to happen please specify clearly on your email. 

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  • Jody Warren

    June 15, 2014

    I am an identical twin and we would like to participate in twin research and/or media magazine interviews. We are currently living 250 miles from each other and it has been hard on especially me because I always depended on her. We have a very strong bond and we feel each others pain and when the other is unhappy. We have always been able to read each others minds and even at 250 miles away we know when the other is in distress and we have done the same things on the same day at the same time and bought the exact same clothes, toothbrushes and even ironing board cover! We both have never had lasting relationships as the men did not understand our closeness and jealousy was involved to the point of them wanting us apart and hating the one that was not their partner. We also both have diabetes II and other ailments the same as each other. We want to be together but financially I cannot afford to go back but am torn what to do as I won’t truly be happy until we can live together for the rest of our lives but we need to find a way to do it and be able to support ourselves. We are 57 and jobs are hard to get at our age. Would love feedback on any of the issues if someone else has had the same problems. We love being twins but sometimes its a curse as we cannot live normal lives and have normal relationships with our strong bond. Mother was no their for us after we were born she left us to fend for ourselves so our closeness was even closer as at least we had each other.

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