Twin Research Requests

Twins Needed for Twin Research Opportunities.


 If you are a twin, or are a parent of twins, you might be interested in Twin Research Requests.
For those of you who are over 16 you might be interested in the Twins Research  Unit at St. Thomas’ Hospital London, they have research opportunities for twins, of either sex, identical and non identical.There are various other research requests at the bottom of this page, from various different Universities and hospitals etc requesting twins to research, some of which are suitable for adults, others for children. If you would like to apply for twin research please do so by contacting the person on the relevant listing. Many thanks.


If you are a researcher or student and  have a Twin Research Request, please email  with a short piece that can be copied and pasted onto this page and/or Twitter and Facebook. (if you DO NOT wish for your piece to be used on Social Media please state this clearly) Thank you.

Twins Research Unit, St Thomas’ Hospital, London.

St. Thomas’ Hospital in London have the Twins Research and Epidemiology unit dedicated to Twin research in the UK.
The Twin Research Unit (TRU) at St Thomas’ Hospital London was established in 1992 and is now part of King’s College London.  Research focuses on determining the environmental and genetic factors that cause common conditions such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, obesity, stroke, migraine, cataracts, glaucoma and back pain.With over 60 publications in the last 2 years alone, the TRU – with the help of over 10,000 twins  – has made a significant contribution to science and our understanding of what causes common diseases.We hope our discoveries will further aid the development of future potential therapies for such diseases.Our achievements have gained considerable press coverage and we have featured a number of times on BBC1’s CityHospital.  The TRU is supported by The Wellcome Trust, Arthritis Research Campaign, British Heart Foundation, Chronic Disease Research Foundation, The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, and the European Commission.In order to participate in our ongoing research, we ask same-sexed twins (identical and non-identical twins, male or female, age 16 and older) to participate in a research visit at St. Thomas’ Hospital London, Monday to Friday.  The visit involves completing questionnaires and taking measurements such as• Height,
• Weight,
• Blood pressure,
• Cholesterol and
• Glucose levels.We also carry out a bone mineral density scan and an eye test and other tests depending on our research areas at the time.  We are able to forward the clinical results to you and your GP (if agreed) – a great health check our twins tell us!All data collected and used as part of the study is, of course, anonymous.
Twins who are interested in contributing to research but are unable to come to St Thomas,’ are still invited to receive our newsletter and complete our questionnaire which is posted out annually.  However, for us to be able to use the information both twins in a twin pair must agree to participate in the research.  Our newsletter summarises our research and findings and also features a ‘Twins in the News’ section and new publications about twins. We hope you enjoy it.  For further information, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!Twin Research & Genetic Epidemiology Unit
King’s College London
St Thomas’ Campus,
Lambeth Palace Road,
TEL: 0207 188 5555

North West Twin Patent Foramen Ovale Study: investigating a common variant in the structure of the heart affecting 1 in 4 people

Are you eligible for this study?  You need to be either identical or non-identical twins of either sex aged 18 years or older.
What are we studying? A patent foramen ovale (PFO) is a flap valve that can allow blood to flow between the upper chambers of the heart. The PFO serves a useful function when we are babies in the womb, but is redundant after birth and usually closes up by the age of 2 years. However, in 1 in 4 people the PFO remains open. Most people with this condition live entirely normal lives, but it has been noted that PFOs are more common in some people that experience migraine, have varicose veins or have had a stroke at a young age. The reasons for this are not clear. We wish to understand the role that PFOs may play in these conditions by studying if PFOs are inherited and the genes that may be involved in this.

What will you have to do?You will be asked to complete a short health questionnaire and attend the University Hospital of South Manchester (United Kingdom) for a single 80-minute study visit. You will have a simple blood test, a contrast ultrasound test to look for a PFO and a Doppler ultrasound test to check for varicose veins. These tests are minimally invasive and do not cause discomfort.

Will you be paid to take part?We are not able to pay you for your time but we will be able to compensate you for your travel expenses (either fully or in part depending on the distance you have travelled) and provide refreshments.
Recruitment for this study is ongoing.

For further information, please contact:
Dr Rockesh Gurtu
Cardiovascular Research Fellow
Tel: 0161 291 5846


Wanted Twins for Research into Diabetes.
The British Diabetic Twin Study is an ongoing study and we would be most grateful for any advertisement and help you could provide to help us recruit more twins.

We are looking for Twins with Diabetes as well as Healthy Twins
We are interested in Both Males as well as Female Twins
Our Research is ongoing and presently we are investigating Epigenetic changes in Twins.
Participants will be expected to be interviewed as well as to give a small blood and buccal cell sample the latter using a tooth brush.
The study is being performed at Barts and The London Hospital Queen Mary University of London.
Contact  Stephanie Cunningham email:   Tel:02078822482 or 02078822365
We are willing to pay for reasonable travel as well as subsistence expenses or we can travel to the Twins whichever is preferable. Participants will be acknowledged in future publications but individuals cannot be named for anonymity.
Best Regards
Mohammed I Hawa

Oxford Study of Children’s Communication Impairments (OSCCI), University of OxfordWe are looking for twins aged 7-11 years old, whose native language is English, to participate in a study investigating factors underlying children’s language difficulties. We are recruiting all twins, male, female or mixed, identical or non-identical, with or without language problems. We will be seeing twins until the end of 2013 and throughout the country so please do sign up even if you are not in nearby counties.
If families decide to take part we would come see the twins for an assessment lasting about 3 hours (we would see the twins together for around 1.5 hours, and then each child separately for around 30 minutes). This can be done at school or home. We ask the children to repeat words and sentences, do a short reading assessment and do some reasoning tests involving patterns. We use Doppler ultrasound to measure blood flow to the two halves of the brain while the child describes a video. We also take a saliva sample for DNA in order to look at specific genes that can affect language development. Finally we ask parents to complete a few questionnaires about their children’s communication and development. To thank families for giving up their time, children are given a small token of our appreciation.

For more information and a chance to sign up see our webpage or contact us on 01865 271334


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    I have 7 year old identical twin girls and live in the midlands and would be interested in taking part in a study

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