Welcome to Twinsonline! 

This website aims to support you through your journey into parenting twins. Whether you’ve just found out you’re expecting twins or whether you’re an adult twin yourself (or anywhere in between) hopefully there will be something for you here. 

Message from Sarah Cooper, Founder of Twinsonline

“I know when I was expecting my own twins I had so many questions that I needed answers to, especially as they were my first children and none of my friends had ventured into the world of parenthood themselves at the time. I felt really quite alone. Curious to find out what other people’s experiences of having twins were, I began creating this website one evening when my children had gone to bed. I just wanted other people to feel supported and for them to know that they weren’t alone raising twins. 
Over the years more and more adult twins reached out to speak to me, making me realise that adult twins have their own unique set of challenges too.”

Do you have any questions about being Pregnant with Twins, Parenting Twins or being an Adult Twin? 

If you’ve got any questions about twins please feel free to ask either via email or via the Twinsonline Forum