Twin Media Requests

Are you looking for a Twin Media Opportunity?

Journalists, Film and TV companies, Artists, Photographers and Writers often ask for twins.

If you are

  • Pregnant with Twins/ Triplets or more
  • A parent of twins/ triplets or more
  • An Adult Twin yourself

And willing to be contacted for a Twin Media Opportunity please add yourself to the Twinsonline Twin Media Mailing List.

How it works

I will send you an email whenever I hear of a twin media opportunity. If you are interested you can then email/telephone the journalist/film maker/artist/photographer etc directly using the contact details supplied.

Calling all Journalists/TV researchers/Artists/Photographers etc

If you need twins for your article/film/show/photoshoot please feel free to email me on with a short piece that I can copy and paste into an email and send to the people on my social media requests list.

Unless you specify otherwise I will assume that you are happy for me to share your details with my mailing list or on my social media 

If you would prefer me NOT to share your request on social media please state this clearly on your email

Please include:

  • Your Name
  • Your Contact Details like Telephone Number and or Email address
  • Your Company Name (if applicable)
  • Who you’re looking for Age/Gender etc
  • Type of twins (do they have to be identical or can they be non-identical?)
  • What you’re needing them for (Magazine article, film, TV programme, Photoshoot, etc)
  • The deadline (if applicable)
  • What they should do now (Email you / Call you/ Fill in an application form, etc)